Jack Tottle Audio Files

These are the sound recordings that originally came on the floppy record (yes, record!) that came inside of Jack Tottle's legendary book, Bluegrass Mandolin. Through dumb luck, I found these files on the web, posted them, and have since been getting higher quality (and pitch corrected) versions sent to me. I even got a nice note from Jack thanking me for making these available.

Anyway, below are the many different formats available for you to download. I've included the size of the files and the name of the person who did the audio transfer.


From Jack Tottle: I got an email from Jack one day. I expected that I was going to get yelled out for having the files available. Instead, I opened the email and found this:

From Jesse Bromberg: Jesse (Jester on the Mandolin Cafe) writes, "Before I found your postings I put the STEREO soundsheet on an old turntable, digitized, pitch corrected, and cleaned up the pops and clicks for the entire soundsheet from the Bluegrass Mandolin book by Tottle.

They're very clean and have no clips. They're normalized to -1.5db.

Since it's a pain to "pan" the tracks because there's no "balance" control on most computer sound systems without going to the mixer controls, I also created Mono Files for each of the 14 song tracks with just Guitar backing, or Mandolin Lead.

So, there are three full length .WAV files for each of the 14 tunes and one file for the two instructional tracks, Tuning, Picking Single Strings, etc, and Picking Double Strings.

In all it's 338MB of Files. It took quite a while to do it right, so I thought I should share it with other players.

You can rip MP3s or made CDs from the .WAV files."

WAV zip file (311 Mb)

MP3 zip file (88 Mb)

-------------------- Previous Versions --------------------

From Buddy Ellis: I found files posted on the web. Buddy then took these files and pitch corrected them to standard pitch. However, two tracks are missing from this group. These are the files that I had up on the old site for the longest time.

Pitch Corrected MP3 zip file (11 Mb)

From Jean Fugal: These are a set of complete recordings of the records are not broken up into tracks or pitch corrected. Just side 1 and side 2. Just like when you actually listened to the record. :^) Jean Fugal (jpf on the Mandolincafe) made these recordings.

Complete recordings zip file (18 Mb)